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How To Choose Apparels That Suit Your Figure

ruffle-dressWomen are in all sizes and shapes, which make you, wonder how to discover dresses to flatter your figure and make you Look crème de la crème? The solution to this would be to get to understand your proportions and make use of fashion to highlight your features and hide the rest.

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Knowing your body type
· Find out the shape of your body: Focus on your curves. See how it connects with your hips, waist, and bust.
· Take measurements of your waist, bust, and hip. One can determine their body shape and get clothes that fit them well.
· All body shapes have good things and bad things, but to determine the type of your body is to make you look the best.

An apple shaped body:
· This is considered to have a top-heavy body where the upper body seems to be bigger than that of the hips.
· A strong feature of this body type is wide shoulders with slim limbs.
· This body type seems to appear with a bigger bust and sticking out stomach, where your mid-section accumulates lots of weight.

A pear shaped body
· This body shape is opposite to an apple shaped body where the bottom is obviously bigger than bust.
· The lower body seems to be quite noticeable than your upper body.
· Shoulders are sloping and narrower.

Rectangular shaped body
· Many women come under this category where the hips and waist are of the same size.
· Women of this category need to measure their waist because their bust will be bigger than their waist.
· They will not be able to find any prominent curves around their waists.

Attire for each body type
Outfit for an apple shaped body
· The key to dressing well for this body type is to take away attention from the mid-riff and attire clothes to highlight the other parts.
· Pay attention to your neck and bust than your waist.
· Belts and dresses that pinch at your waist can be avoided.
· Make sure your curves are draped with your dress.

Outfit for a pear shaped body
· Women of this body type can wear any dress that adds to their bust area and shoulder. More attention should be towards the upper body than the lower half.
· Your top should be balanced with the bottom. Tights or pants that will make your legs look narrow can be avoided. Dress up with flared pants or straight-legged pants with heels. To make your body look like an inverted triangle you can go for skinny pants that clinch your ankles.

Outfit for rectangular shaped body

· This body types lack curves with a thin and long outline.
· The trick to dressing up for this body type is by wearing clothes that may look lumpy.
· You will look excellent if your wear a belt.

By now you must have got a clear understanding as for how to choose apparels that suits your figure.


Chocolates As Valentine’s Day Gift

valentinesday_heartshapedboxEveryone loves chocolate. Be it be a child or an adult, chocolates is everybody’s favorite. You can gift chocolates and spread the joy by sharing chocolates. For every happy moment, everyone first remembers sweets and then comes everybody’s all-time favorite, Chocolates. One of the major days, when you gift chocolate to your loved ones is on Valentine’s Day. If you want to gift gourmet chocolates, you can search for Godiva chocolates Canada for the best ones. Eating dark chocolate can make you happy. Gifting a packet of chocolate can help in creating good relations. It helps in raising a feel of happiness and thus giving chocolates is the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.

Why Is Valentine’s Day Popular?
Everybody knows what Valentine’s Day is. In the US, Valentine’s Day is the second highest card- sending occasion. This number doesn’t include the card sent exchanged by children. Even though flowers, especially people give roses as a gift, you will find that the number of cards sent is more than sending flowers.

Myth: Chocolate Is Not Good For You
It is a myth that chocolates are not good for your health. Chocolates can bring back anybody’s good mood. Dark chocolates have health benefits too. Diabetes patients can have dark chocolates. Many publishers have published about the goodness of chocolates. You can search that in Eating chocolates can increase the insulin sensitivity in people. Dark chocolates get prepared from the primary ingredient, cocoa which is rich in antioxidants and fiber.

Chocolate As Gifts To Loved Ones
For many decades, giving chocolates are considered as one of the best gifts that can give to the loved ones. Chocolate gives you good mood and helps in create positive thoughts. No wonder it is given as a gift on Valentine’s Day. Getting chocolate as gift creates a higher level of happiness and will have good feelings towards the person who have gifted the chocolates. While you have chocolate, it will help the brain to get activated regarding giving that can include the willingness to help someone or gifting others.

The Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas
Other than gifting chocolates to your loved ones, you can try to celebrate Valentine’s Day by different means. Red is known as the Valentine’s Day color. Red widely means the acceptance of love. Men can wear a red tie or a pair of red socks while girls can go with a red scarf. Boys and girls propose each other by gifting red roses and chocolates. If red dress and red flowers are not working, you can always go for a handmade gift which is of more effect than red flowers and gift. A homemade chocolate will enhance the true love. You can also go for a hand written notes which express you love towards someone. Everyone will enjoy the gift that is handmade or handwritten for a particular person.

Valentine’s Day spirit is full of red color, red flowers and naturally mouth-watering chocolates filled with love and gifted to your loved ones with love. No Valentine’s Day is completed with a box of chocolates, especially if is heart shaped.


Are You Ready To Get Into Shape?


Did you know that a majority of people end up being vulnerable to a host of lifestyle disorders, that can be easily prevented? It sounds quite alarming, but it is a cold hard fact. This is one of the reasons why sports equipment stores all across the country are witnessing a surge in the sale of home gym equipment, especially the highly versatile bowflex weights.

According to a recent post on the website, , a lot of people end up going through several physical as well as emotional problems, by leading a sedentary life. Would you believe it, even psychological disorders like depression, stress, ADHD, etc. can occur if this mode of living is not checked in time!

One of the best ways to combat all the physical and psychological problems associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, is to start off on a regular fitness regimen. People can either take an annual membership at a local gym, or they can convert a part of their home into a small personal gym. There are advantages to both ways. A public gym will have certified trainers ready to evaluate the fitness level of a person and design workouts that are most suited for him/her. This will be essential for those who have never been seriously involved in such activities before in their lives.

A home gym will be better suited for a person who has a rudimentary knowledge about the different workouts and the muscles that are consequently targeted. A DVD by a professional fitness trainer will be more than sufficient for such people to get started. But, there are other factors that will require careful consideration, if this is the route the person wishes to take. Apart from the space that will be required to set up a home gym, the person will have to invest in high-quality fitness equipment, like dumbbells, treadmills, stationary bicycles, etc.

Of these, the standard item in every home gym is the dumbbell. It has been around, for several decades, and has gone through several transformations. One of the latest types of dumbbells, that has sparked the interest of fitness freaks around the world, is the Bowflex Dumbbell.

What is the Bowflex Dumbbell?

This is the best option for people who want to get the best workout, without sacrificing a lot of the floor space of the home. This is a sort of all-in-one kind of dumbbell. The BowFlex is an innovatively designed pair dumbbells. As there are only two dumbbells this is a great option for those who are using only a limited space in their homes. A variety of exercises can be performed using just these two BowFlex Dumbbells. The prominent feature of this dumbbell is its uniquely designed dial system, which can be used to adjust the weights. Just use that and the dumbbells can get heavier or lighter, depending on the intensity of the workout. There are more than 10 sets of weights offering a high degree of versatility to the user.