How To Choose Apparels That Suit Your Figure

ruffle-dressWomen are in all sizes and shapes, which make you, wonder how to discover dresses to flatter your figure and make you Look crème de la crème? The solution to this would be to get to understand your proportions and make use of fashion to highlight your features and hide the rest.

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Knowing your body type
· Find out the shape of your body: Focus on your curves. See how it connects with your hips, waist, and bust.
· Take measurements of your waist, bust, and hip. One can determine their body shape and get clothes that fit them well.
· All body shapes have good things and bad things, but to determine the type of your body is to make you look the best.

An apple shaped body:
· This is considered to have a top-heavy body where the upper body seems to be bigger than that of the hips.
· A strong feature of this body type is wide shoulders with slim limbs.
· This body type seems to appear with a bigger bust and sticking out stomach, where your mid-section accumulates lots of weight.

A pear shaped body
· This body shape is opposite to an apple shaped body where the bottom is obviously bigger than bust.
· The lower body seems to be quite noticeable than your upper body.
· Shoulders are sloping and narrower.

Rectangular shaped body
· Many women come under this category where the hips and waist are of the same size.
· Women of this category need to measure their waist because their bust will be bigger than their waist.
· They will not be able to find any prominent curves around their waists.

Attire for each body type
Outfit for an apple shaped body
· The key to dressing well for this body type is to take away attention from the mid-riff and attire clothes to highlight the other parts.
· Pay attention to your neck and bust than your waist.
· Belts and dresses that pinch at your waist can be avoided.
· Make sure your curves are draped with your dress.

Outfit for a pear shaped body
· Women of this body type can wear any dress that adds to their bust area and shoulder. More attention should be towards the upper body than the lower half.
· Your top should be balanced with the bottom. Tights or pants that will make your legs look narrow can be avoided. Dress up with flared pants or straight-legged pants with heels. To make your body look like an inverted triangle you can go for skinny pants that clinch your ankles.

Outfit for rectangular shaped body

· This body types lack curves with a thin and long outline.
· The trick to dressing up for this body type is by wearing clothes that may look lumpy.
· You will look excellent if your wear a belt.

By now you must have got a clear understanding as for how to choose apparels that suits your figure.


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