Power Tower And Its Workouts


Power Tower is useful in building and strengthening muscles, focusing more on strengthening the body muscles. It can be used for circuit training staying in your house. There is always an option to intensify your workout, by adding additional weights as a vest, and by increasing the number of repetitions.
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When it comes to exercising, you would have heard a lot of positive advice as it boosts your energy, immunity and so on. To know how memory is affected by workout is clearly written in the article.

Pull Up- Wide Grip
There is a little difference between a normal pull-up and wide grip pull-up. You can improve your arm muscles by working out in power tower. To start with, grasp the bar above you, suspend yourself, fold your knees and crisscross the legs to the back. Now lift yourself up bending your elbows. When you are close enough to bar, then let down your body.

Upper Arm Dip
This workout will strengthen your upper arm in which you should hold the handle and let you down to hang. Fold your legs and crisscross your legs. Now let down your body and lean over your elbows. When your chest reached the handles, stretch your elbows to bring the body to the starting place.

Knee Raise- Vertical
It helps to strengthen abdominal muscles. Stand to show back to power tower. Place your backside on the backrest and keep your arms to the side. Grasp the handles and let down your body. Curl your knees and lift them to the chest. Focus on your abdomen muscles.

Triceps Drop
It helps in the upper arm workout and it can be easily learned. To start with, stand facing the tower and stand next to the handles. Hold the handles tight and hang with your legs bent behind you. Try to let you down as slowly as possible until you feel the stress and then keep repeating the same. If you want to have a harder workout then repeat the number of times you perform the task.

Standing In Hand Push Ups
It aids in strengthening the core, shoulders, and back. To do start with standing directly to the power tower, then place your hand a meter away from the base of the machine. Raise your feet above your head till it gets in touch with power tower. To maintain your body weight, stretch your arms wide and don’t slant towards your side since you may fall. Now start doing pushups starting with three reps and slowly increasing to 6.

Sit Ups
You would have known the traditional way of doing sit-ups. It can strengthen your abs and it is a good workout for the core. If you want to make them feel easy then use a power tower.

There are several models with modern designs available in the market and we should pick the ones depending on where which part of the body we like to strengthen.


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